Finding Suitable Accommodation In Bangkok Close To Excellent Schools

When you and your family move to Bangkok, before deciding where you want to live, it is often best to look at the schooling for your children first. Once you know where they will be going to school, you can then start your search for the best accommodation that will help ensure a manageable commute to school every day. Living too far away from school can make the commute painfully slow and add hours to your children’s day. Below are some factors to help you in your search and ensure everyone is happy to move to Bangkok.

Decide Which Scholl Your Children Will Attend

There are many excellent schools in Bangkok for your children with various curriculums from which you can choose. The price of the international schools can vary quite drastically, so you will need to shop around the schools that are within your budget. You can also often get a discount if you have more than one child attending the school, so you will need to consider this when searching for suitable ones for your kids. When you have decided on their school, it will make searching for accommodation much more straightforward.

Searching For Your New Home

When you know your children’s new school, you can use this to aid your search for a new home. For example, you can use your preferred search engine and look for “apartment near Shrewsbury Bangkok city campus” if your children attend the Shrewsbury International School. Many apartment complexes will market their properties using the local amenities available, including schools, so it can help you find the perfect property for you and your family.

Use The Services Of A Property Agent

You can also use a property agent to help you find the perfect place for you and your family to live. You can tell them where you will be working, where the children will be going to school, and ask them to find something conveniently located. They can help you find an apartment that is not too far from your place of work and your children’s school, and the best part is it will not cost you anything. The property landlords pay a commission to the agents when they successfully rent out a property, so there is nothing for you to pay. Finding the ideal location for you and your family to live in Bangkok can be easy if you know the best way to search, and there are plenty of rental properties available. Before you know it, you will be settled in and happy with your new life in the Big Mango.

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