Spotting a fake real estate agent


We’ve had to do a bit of house hunting, and we look to entrust this to professionals seeing as they are most well suited to carry out the job. however, it becomes quite problematic when we fall prey to incompetent or deceitful real estate agents who would waste our precious time and cart away our hard-earned funds.

Features of a Fraudulent Realtor

This article will highlight certain ways through which you can spot a true real estate agent and tell them apart from frauds.

• A huge sign that is often overlooked is that wherein your supposed real estate agent always claims to be out of town or at a realtors’ summit, or they are checking some property out of town and won’t be able to meet up with you.

• Calling at odd hours is a huge sign that you have a fraudulent real estate shiny as this type of business is best known to be done during the day, so beware of those who call you at odd hours. This might also be a huge sign that this realtor operates from outside the border of the country.

• The property owner asking for your financial information early in the meetings is a huge red flag.

• If they do their best to avoid physical meetings with you, this is a red flag and you should be wary of such “real estate agent”

After knowing some of these signs, it becomes important to discuss how to avoid falling into the fraudulent trap.

How to avoid fraudulent realtors

A couple of valuable techniques help stop you from falling prey to a real estate scammer.

• Ensure you call the realtor’s office directly; you shouldn’t always await their calls, put a call through occasionally as this could help you discern the genuineness of your realtor

• Check for the address of the property that is being put forward to you, carry out your research on the property to know how real it is

• During your research, you should try to find out the cost of properties in the area that is being proposed for you to buy from; watch out that it’s not too high or too low, as these might indicate how real the property is.

• Only do your dealings with reliable real estate agencies like consumer real estate finance co., who you must have sorted out, done some background checks on and vetted to your satisfaction.

• Always ensure you read the terms and conditions before appending your signature on any contract, especially property-related contracts.

On a footnote, you shouldn’t go finding the cheapest rates, as this often serves as a magnet through with fraudulent agents used to lure unsuspecting victims over, and if something feels too good to be true, it probably is best that you walk away.


Fraudulent individuals or groups lurk in every corner of our society, waiting on victims upon whom they can feast; this is why we advise that you always ensure to do business with credible professionals. You can find credible professionals through associations and credible networks.

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