The Pros and Cons of an HOA in Gilbert, Arizona


HOA management in Gilbert, Arizona, can be a big help to homeowners who are concerned about the care of their homes and the aesthetics of their neighborhood. An HOA typically provides an array of services, from landscaping to snow removal to common area maintenance, that ensures your property looks great and stays well-cared for. While gilbert az hoa management provides these conveniences, they also come with some inconveniences, including added costs and community rules that you may not like or agree with. If you’re thinking about moving into an HOA community, here are some pros and cons to consider before signing your life away!

Pros of an HOA in Gilbert, Arizona

  1. HOAs help maintain the aesthetics of a neighborhood. 
  2. HOAs enforce deed restrictions to ensure people who buy houses are upholding them and not altering the property too much. 
  3. An HOA helps with upkeep on common areas such as pools, tennis courts, and green spaces. 
  4. HOAs work closely with home owners to make sure they understand their obligations. 
  5. Some HOAs provide services for the community such as landscaping, snow removal, and trash pickup at no cost to homeowners.
  6. Homeowners get access to amenities such as clubhouses, fitness centers, swimming pools, tennis courts or golf courses.

Cons of an HOA in Gilbert, Arizona

  1. The first downside to having an HOA is that you are at the mercy of your homeowner’s association. 
  2. If you have a disagreement with them or need their help with something, they can be really difficult to work with. 
  3. Another downside is the lack of privacy. You must disclose when you buy property if it is within a subdivision that has covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs).
  4. It is also hard to get loans for homes that are governed by CC&Rs.


In conclusion,  if you are thinking about buying a home in a subdivision with an HOA, do your research first. Many subdivisions have more restrictions than others. Check to see if there is any information on the HOA’s website before signing anything. It is important to know what kind of expectations they have for their residents. For example, they may not allow pets or boats at all or maybe you can only keep one cat or dog. They may also require people to maintain their yard within certain standards. 

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